Invoice Payment Processes

  1. AP receives invoice from vendor
  2. Invoice is date/time stamped
  3. PO number is identified
  4. All invoices are sorted alphabetically
  5. AP searches Purchasing system to identify department
  6. AP scans invoices in batch by department
  7. AP emails scanned invoices to department for approval, original invoices kept in AP
  8. Departments review and respond with approved invoices via email
  9. AP prints out email approval and attaches this copy to original invoices
  10. Accounting Specialist inputs invoice payment via AP voucher
  11. AP vouchers are selected when pay cycles are run
  12. Checks are printed and mailed and the cycle begins again
  13. AP runs pay cycles daily
  14. AP vouchers must pass all necessary PS payable processes before being selected for a pay cycle
  15. Currently, all vouchers are being processed as "due immediately" and are usually mailed the same day they are printed

Additional Notes:


Any PO's issued for products/services where billing is usually scheduled (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and is always the same monetary amount are paid on initial receipt of the invoice by the AP staff.


When there is a clear indication that a PO is complete, and the amount of the freight line is greater than the freight amount on the invoice, AP will finalize the vouchered line. (i.e.. if a PO is set for $1,000.00, the merchandise is $950.00 and the freight is $50, but the invoice received is $950.00 for merchandise and $25.00 for freight). Please note that AP can only finalize a freight line when there is voucher activity. If the PO has a line for freight, but the vendor does not bill for freight, AP cannot finalize. The department must request cancelation by Purchasing.