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Policies of Interest to Students

A number of LSUHSC-NO policies are of particular interest to students. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs publishes a brochure that highlights the institution’s policies on alcohol use, substance abuse, violence-free workplace, weather related emergency procedures, and information technology. Other polices of interest to students are contained in the following Chancellor's Memoranda.

CM -15

Student Worker Employment

CM -16

Home Visits for Surveys and Questionnaires

CM - 20

Employment or Education of Foreign Medical Graduates on Non-Immigrant Visas

CM - 23

Drug Free Workplace and Workforce

CM - 25

Policy on AIDS (HIV) and Hepatitis Virus (HBV)

CM - 32

Statement of the Student Role and Participation in Institutional Decision Making

CM - 33

Policies and Procedures Governing the Supervisory Role of the Institution Over Student Activities Including Student Publications

CM - 36

Guidelines for the Responsible Use of Alcohol at the LSU Health Sciences Center

CM - 37

LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans Campus Fitness for Duty

CM - 38

Substance Abuse Policy and Procedures LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans

CM - 39

Sponsoring Foreign Physicians for Graduate Medical Education/Training on an H-1B Visa

CM - 42

Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure

CM - 44

Violence in the Workplace Policy, and Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

CM - 45

Use of Prisoners in Research

CM - 47

Motor Vehicle Traffic Citations, LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans

CM - 49

Sexual Harassment / Gender Discrimination

CM - 51

Policy on Hurricane Emergency Procedures for LSUHSC-New Orleans

CM - 53

HIPAA Privacy Policy

CM - 56

Student Responsibilities and Rights