Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Dell Data Protection?

  • Dell Data Protection is an application installed on devices such as PCs, Macs, and personal USB drives that protects these devices by enforcing security policies, authentication, and encryption of data.

  • Dell Data Protection is the approved encryption solution of the LSUHSC IT Department in accordance to the "Encryption Requirements" section of CM-42, which states that all End-User devices shall be encrypted in accordance with standards and methods developed and/or approved by the LSUHSC IT Department.


How do I share data with a collaborator at another institution using a USB drive?

  • LSUHNO best practice is to use LSU Health FileS to share files with external collaborators, however if sharing via USB is required the following process can be used:
    1. Ensure your USB device is configured correctly for DDP by following this tutorial.
    2. When you or an external collaborator insert the USB into a device at another institution, a password prompt should appear.


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