Tutorial - Take Control / Claim Host During a Zoom Meeting



  • Hosts and Alternative Hosts can sign in using the process described below in order to claim Host Control
  • Host Control enables the ability to manage participants, record, and more. Learn more about host controls in a meeting.

Steps to Take Control / Claim Host During a Zoom Meeting:

  1. In the meeting controls, select "Participants"
    • Zoomparticipants-button-cropped
  2. Select "Claim Host"
    • ZoomParticipantsClaimHost
  3. Select "Sign In to Claim Host" (Note: If you are already signed in steps 4-6 will be skipped)
    • ZoomSignInToClaimHost
  4. Login to Zoom client by selecting "Sign In with SSO"
    • Zoom Sign In With SSO
  5. Enter "LSUHSC"
    • Zoom Sign In Domain
  6. Sign in with your LSUHSC email address and password if prompted.
  7. You will now be listed as the host and see the following additional buttons in the participants list.
    • Zoom Host Control