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Joining and Participating in a Zoom Meeting

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

Claim Host Control / Take Control as Host During Zoom Meeting

Start an Instant Meeting Using the Zoom Desktop App

Recording a Zoom Meeting

Using the Zoom Desktop App

Integrate Your Calendar with the Zoom Desktop App

Create a Zoom Participant Report

Enable Zoom End-to-end Encryption

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a limit on the number of participants in a Zoom meeting?

I am scheduling a meeting and expecting more than 300 participants, can I still use Zoom?

What is considered a Zoom conference participant?

Are there mobile Zoom apps?

Can someone participate in a Zoom meeting with a device that supports only audio?

What is my Personal Meeting ID?

When should I use my Personal Meeting ID?

What is the “Breakout room” feature and how do I use it?

What is the “Waiting room” feature and how do I use it?

Can I have a meeting with one of my patients using Zoom?

Can I discuss confidential information in a Zoom call?

Are subtitles only available through cloud recordings?

Can cloud recordings be moved to local and removed from cloud storage?

What is the default location for local Zoom meeting recordings?

Can I use Zoom on multiple devices?



I'm having trouble adding someone as an Alternate Host



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