Tutorial: Live Captioning in Zoom

Closed captioning can be added to a live meeting in three ways:

  • The host or another participant can type the captions in during the meeting
  • A third-party closed captioning service can be used
  • AI-powered live transcription built in to Zoom for paid accounts

To activate Closed Captioning, login to the Zoom web portal and navigate to:

  • Settings > In Meeting (Advanced)

Screenshot of Zoom Web Portal Closed Captioning Options

  • Turn on Closed Captioning
  • You can also choose to Save Captions
  • You will then be able to enable live transcription service

Once in a meeting, the host will see the Closed Caption button available

Screenshot of Zoom Live Transcript Button

Click on this button to reveal the menu

Screenshot of Zoom Live Transcript Options

The host may then select the type of captioning, and all participants will see the captions.


For more details on all caption options, see the Zoom support page:

Closed captioning and live transcription – Zoom Help Center