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NOTE: Before Scheduling your first Zoom meeting, you must login to the LSUHSC Zoom Access Portal.

NOTE: Citrix should not be used for Zoom meetings.

Zoom Access Portal

Download Zoom / Update Client

Download LSUHNO Zoom Backgrounds

Information on Using Passwords with Zoom Meetings

Information on Zoom Waiting Rooms



*New* Create a Recurring Meeting in Outlook
*New* Enable Live Captioning
Zoom Portal Login Instructions
Sign in to Zoom Desktop using LSUHSC Single-Sign-On (SSO)
Joining and Participating in a Zoom Meeting
Login to Zoom with SSO and Schedule a Zoom Meeting
Claim Host Control / Take Control as Host During Zoom Meeting
Start an Instant Meeting Using the Zoom Desktop App
Recording a Zoom Meeting
Using the Zoom Desktop App
Integrate Your Calendar with the Zoom Desktop App
Create a Zoom Participant Report
Enable Zoom End-to-end Encryption
Pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms
Side-by-Side Mode for Screen Sharing
Zoom Remote Control
Spotlight Video


Zoom Help Center



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a limit on the number of participants in a Zoom meeting?
I am scheduling a meeting and expecting more than 300 participants, can I still use Zoom?
What is considered a Zoom conference participant?
Are there mobile Zoom apps?
Can someone participate in a Zoom meeting with a device that supports only audio?
What is my Personal Meeting ID?
When should I use my Personal Meeting ID?
What is the “Breakout room” feature and how do I use it?
What is the “Waiting room” feature and how do I use it?
Can I have a meeting with one of my patients using Zoom?
Can I discuss confidential information in a Zoom call?
Are subtitles only available through cloud recordings?
Can cloud recordings be moved to local and removed from cloud storage?
How Do I Get My Zoom Recording into Moodle?
What is the default location for local Zoom meeting recordings?
Can I use Zoom on multiple devices?




I'm having trouble adding someone as an Alternate Host



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