How Do I Get My Zoom Recording into Moodle?

Step 1: Record your Zoom session

To record your Zoom session, please follow instruction using link below:

Step 2: Migrate Zoom recording to Mediasite

Once you have a recorded Zoom session, to get your recording linked into Moodle, it is best practice to have it uploaded into Mediasite first. 

If you need to find your Zoom recording, please follow instructions using link below:

Please send your zoom recording video file (look for the .mp4 file) to your School’s Mediasite supporter or to via the LSU Health FileS system ( Once it is in Mediasite, it can be linked to Moodle.

Step 3: Copy Mediasite Link to Moodle, Use Mediasite Moodle Plugin, Etc.


  • Linking a recording to Moodle directly from OneDrive or the Zoom Cloud or uploading a recording directly to Moodle can cause playback and/or security issues.

  • If the recording is intended for a wider audience or the general public, please contact Webmaster ( for alternative options.

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