Using the Zoom Desktop App

  • After installing the Zoom desktop app from the Zoom Downloads site, you will see a bar across the top:
    • ZoomDesktopRibbon
  • On the Home tab there are four buttons.

    • New Meeting

      • The New Meeting button allows you to start an instant meeting. 

      • The pull down menu next to the button label allows you to change settings for an instant meeting.

    • Join

      • The Join button allows you to join a meeting in progress by Meeting ID or Meeting Name.

    • Schedule

      • The Schedule button allows you to schedule a meeting for a future time.

      • Once you fill out the schedule and click the “Schedule” button at the bottom, it will open an Outlook invitation that you can then send to the other participants.

    • Share Screen

      • The Share Screen button will allow you to share your screen in an active meeting.

      • If you are not in an active meeting when you click the button, you will be prompted to join an active meeting.

  • Click here for more information on the Zoom Desktop App


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