Environmental Health and Safety

Driver Safety


In order to enhance employee safety and minimize liability, LSU Health Sciences Center maintains a comprehensive Driver Safety program that complies with the State of Louisiana Office of Risk Management (ORM) requirements.  Only employees (to include students who are employed by LSUHSC) are permitted to drive on official University business per ORM regulations.  Although students are not covered under ORM regulations, there are occasions when students may drive to LSUHSC-sponsored events.  In such cases, follow the guidance in PM-4, Trips Covered by Student Travel Accident Insurance , and submit a request for coverage for trip travel insurance via email to Vy Apostolakis in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance (vpham@lsuhsc.edu or (504) 568-5135).

It is presumed that all LSUHSC-NO positions require employees to travel at least occasionally in the performance of their duties and therefore must complete the below qualification process, unless and until specifically exempted in writing by their Supervisor. To drive a State-owned, personally-owned, or rental vehicle on official University business, employees must possess a valid and properly classed license and complete the three step qualification process detailed below.

In the case of personally-owned vehicle usage, the vehicle must have the state required auto insurance coverage and the employee must be authorized to drive the vehicle under that insurance coverage. Individuals not completing all steps of the process will be considered out of compliance with University regulations, their supervisors will be notified and they will not be allowed to receive travel reimbursements of any kind.

1. Complete an Approved Driver Safety Training Course

New employees must complete the on-line driver safety course hosted by the Office of Compliance Programs’ web-based Compliance and Training System (CATS), or attend an equivalent classroom course. Training will be assigned automatically when due and can be accessed at Office of Compliance Program’s training website.  For assistance, contact the Compliance Training Specialist at nocompliance@lsuhsc.edu or call (504) 568-8652.

2. Submit a DA-2054 (Driver Authorization Form)

Via CATS, new employees are prompted to complete, and electronically sign and submit a Driver Authorization Form.  The DA-2054 contains a statement affirming that the employee has and will maintain State required minimum liability insurance coverage on the vehicle they will be driving on official business and, upon request, show proof thereof.  If at a future date there is a change to the employee’s state issuance, class of license and/or driving restriction changes, contact contact the Compliance Training Specialist at nocompliance@lsuhsc.edu or call (504) 568-8652.

3. Official Driving Record

For Louisiana drivers, Environmental Health and Safety will obtain employee’s Official Driving Record (ODR) from the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) to ensure that State of Louisiana Office of Risk Management requirements are met.

Non-Louisiana drivers’ license holders must obtain a certified copy of their ODR from the OMV in the state where they are licensed and do so at their own expense. These employees should instruct their respective OMVs to send the ODR directly to:   

LSUHSC Environmental Health and Safety Department, Attn: Driver's Safety, 433 Bolivar Street, Suite 803, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Once your ODR check is received, if there are no violations within the past year, you will be notified via email that you are Qualified to drive on official University business.  Provide a copy of this email to your supervisor.  If there are violations you will be notified that you are required to take remedial training or that you are considered to be a high risk driver.

If you have a question or require support related to your ODR, contact Raychelle Williams at rwil32@lsuhsc.edu or 504-568-4500.