Clinical Trials Office


The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) serves as a central resource for initiating and conducting clinical trials for LSUHSC investigators. The CTO encourages research and assists investigators and representatives of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device industries in navigating the complex research arena.

Currently, the CTO offers select services (steps highlighted in purple) within the overall clinical trial lifecycle as shown in the workflow diagram below.

In the future, we hope to offer additional services, including post-award activities, required for completion of a clinical trial. Some of these services are currently available through the LSU Healthcare Network Clinical Trials Office or the University Medical Center (UMC) Clinical Trials Unit, two entities with which the HSC CTO works collaboratively to facilitate the conduct of clinical trials.

If you have any questions about our clinical research services or services provided by our affiliated institutions, please contact us at


Workflow for Clinical Trials at LSUHSC

2022 10:48:45 AM