Office of Compliance Programs

Code of Conduct

As an LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans (“LSUHSC-NO”) employee, student, or affiliate, I understand the important role trust plays in the accomplishment of our mission.  I shall strive to execute my duties and responsibilities to be deserving of the trust and respect of my colleagues, the people I serve, fellow students and/or staff.  I shall treat students, patients, employees, and colleagues with the same degree of respect and dignity in the performance of my duties and responsibilities that I would wish to receive in similar situations and circumstances.

I shall always act with integrity and carry out my duties and responsibilities in accordance with the highest ethical standards.  I shall always perform my duties solely for the purpose, benefit and interest of LSUHSC-NO and those it serves, and shall avoid any conflict, or appearance of conflict, with those interests.  I shall perform my duties and responsibilities in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, and LSUHSC-NO policies and procedures.  I shall behave in accordance with the respective ethical guidelines or standards of my professional discipline.  I shall not publish or otherwise release information concerning LSUHSC-NO employees, students, or actions, or, patients of any facility that is not required by my duties, responsibilities, or ethical obligations.

In all my decisions, I shall strive to make choices based on sound professional judgment that produce the best possible outcomes for LSUHSC-NO students, patients, employees, colleagues and the people of Louisiana.  I shall keep myself current and educated on the latest developments in my discipline and field of expertise and shall complete all training requirements mandated by law, my profession, and LSUHSC-NO.  I shall educate and encourage others through my behaviors.

I understand the importance of maintaining professional boundaries in my dealings with patients, students, employees and colleagues.  I shall ensure that my interactions do not compromise or erode professional boundaries, including, but not limited to, avoiding inappropriate personal interactions, regardless of the forum or media in which they occur.

When presenting my views on LSUHSC-NO matters in any public forum, I shall always clarify that these views are my own and shall not represent them, through my action or lack of action, as official positions of LSUHSC-NO unless specifically authorized to do so by the appropriate LSUHSC-NO authority.

I will perform all my duties to the best of my ability to ensure the highest degree of excellence in everything I do.  I shall continuously strive to identify ways to improve the performance of my duties, responsibilities and to ensure my work and behaviors are always responsive to the conditions around me and needs of the people who depend on me.  I shall conduct myself in an ethical manner with all affiliated and external agencies while fulfilling my professional obligations. I shall seek guidance and solutions from LSUHSC-NO Office of Compliance Programs, faculty, supervisors, or administration in questionable or unclear situations.

I shall report adverse events promptly to mitigate any harmful effects and maintain LSUHSC-NO's image of trust and integrity.  I shall report non-compliant or questionable behavior to the Office of Compliance Programs and understand that if I desire, my report will be kept confidential except where disclosure is required by law. I shall cooperate fully with requests from oversight agencies.

I understand adherence to the Code is a condition of my employment and/or affiliation with LSUHSC-NO and my failure to adhere to the Code to the best of my ability can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment, enrollment and/or affiliation.