Office of Compliance Programs

How to Report Non-Compliance

If you become aware of conduct that you believe to be non-compliant with any federal or state law or regulation or LSU policy, use the Hotlines link on the left side of this page to go to a list of agencies where you may register your concern. If you simply have questions regarding past, present, or future conduct, several resources are available to you. It is every employee's responsibility to report suspected violations of laws, regulations, policies or questionable conduct. LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans has established methods for employees, to report, confidentially and anonymously, any questionable conduct or possible violations. Individual employees may discuss concerns with their supervisor or directly with the Compliance Officer at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans.

If you are in doubt about an issue or have any concerns, just ask. You will never be penalized for raising an issue or voicing a concern in good faith. Remember, it is your right to raise questions and your duty to report suspected misconduct. Likewise it is LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans' responsibility to react appropriately to your questions and concerns.

How to Contact the Office of Compliance Programs

(504) 568-8448

Toll free (855) 561-4099


Any compliance issue may be reported anonymously. The issues you raise will be addressed confidentially, promptly and professionally.