International Student Association

Student housing at Residence and Stanislaus Hall
• Please note that if you do decide to move into the student housing, you will have to pay the security deposit (refundable) before moving in in addition to the first month's rent.
• For the two bedroom and three bedroom apartments roommates are not assigned by the housing department. It has to be decided by the students and if you do not find a roommate then you will have to bear the cost by yourself. We (the student body) will however be willing to assist you in finding a roommate but we won't guarantee it. So, if you require our help then please let us know well in advance.
Things to note if you're moving into student housing
• Stanislaus Hall is furnished with a twin XL bed, a desk, desk chair, dresser, closet, entertainment center and window blinds. You will assume responsibility for these and they will be yours during the length of the stay.
• Residence Hall is not furnished and everything will have to be provided by you except for the cooking range which will include a stove, oven and a refrigerator.
(Exception:Dormitories are fully furnished. Community Kitchens, Bathrooms and Toilets are shared Spaces)
Things to provide
If you're moving into Stanislaus Hall
• Extra long twin sized sheets
• Blankets, comforter and pillow
• Clothes hangers
• All toiletries
• Towels and shower essentials
If you're moving into Residence Hall
• Complete furniture and furnishing and above mentioned items.
Things you may want to purchase after arriving here
• Kitchen utensils and dishes for personal use in the kitchen
• Laundry detergent and basket
• Any items of decoration (For example: floor rugs, curtains ets) for your room or apartment (if you prefer it)
• Desk supplies (pens, paper)
• Mattress pad
• High quality surge protector.
(For cost of renting, living arrangements and other queries please email