International Student Association

IDs and Social Security number
• Once you arrive here, the first thing to do would be to get your LSUHSC ID. The ID can be obtained from the Bursars office, first floor of the Resources building. This ID will get you access into all the school buildings except for special permit areas like animal care, some equipment rooms, Residence Hall and Stanislaus Hall.
• If you need access to these places please contact your department front offices and Housing department for Residence Hall and Stanislaus Hall.
• After settling down, the next thing to get would be the social security number. The business manager or a designated person in your department will guide you for this. Please take a look at the following link

(Note: Employment is mandatory to obtain the SSN. For students in the Graduate program, you will have to first secure an employment position as a Student-worker on-campus)

• It is important to get a state ID from the DMV as it will be used in a lot of places as your primary ID. We highly recommend keeping your passports safely.
As an alternative, you could also apply for a Driver's License (DL). However, you will have to pay a much larger sum of money and you will have to attend driving school. For more information please visit the DMV website.
You can also visit the following page for information's%20Lic%20Info%20Sheet.10.31.2016.pdf