Introducing "Citrix StoreFront":

LSUHSC IT has replaced "CitrixWeb" with a more current portal called "Citrix StoreFront".  You should now use for all of your LSUHSC-NO Citrix access.  StoreFront allows you to connect to your Citrix resources using a variety of client operating systems, client devices, and web browsers.    

The Tutorial links below describe how to log on to StoreFront and use it to connect to your Citrix desktops and apps.  Be sure to select the link that corresponds with the type of device and/or web browser that you are using to connect to your Citrix desktops or applications.  

Important:  For users who have Windows workstations, along with StoreFront comes a new feature called the Citrix “Desktop Viewer”.  Because the Desktop Viewer displays your Citrix desktop somewhat differently, we strongly recommend that you briefly familiarize yourself with the information in the "Introduction to the Citrix StoreFront Desktop Viewer" tutorial page, linked below, before using Storefront with Windows.  


Introduction to the Citrix StoreFront "Desktop Viewer"

Microsoft Edge with StoreFront (Windows)

Internet Explorer with StoreFront (Windows)

Chrome with StoreFront (Windows)

Firefox with StoreFront (Windows)

iPhone or iPad with StoreFront

Mac with StoreFront

Android with StoreFront

Guide for Shadowing or Logging Off Sessions in Desktop-New and PSDesktop-New 


Frequently Asked Questions:

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I don’t really like the new Desktop Viewer that comes with StoreFront.   Is there some way I can turn this off and go back to displaying my Citrix desktop window the way I used to?

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