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LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans is Louisiana's first public and most comprehensive academic health sciences center. Known nationally for its extensive clinical educational programs, LSU Health New Orleans educates the majority of Louisiana's health care professionals through its six professional health schools. A national leader in simulation innovation, LSU Health New Orleans is recognized as a destination for new-era medical education and training. Its robust research enterprise not only improves the quality of life, it also drives economic prosperity. Louisiana's flagship academic health sciences center, LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans benefits society by educating each new generation of health care professionals and research scientists, creating new knowledge through biosciences research, saving lives and improving health through quality patient care, generating new jobs and significant economic impact, and sharing its expertise, resources, and compassion through outreach and community service initiatives.
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Governed by the Louisiana State University System, LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans was founded in 1931 as a university named LSU Medical Center. From the original LSU School of Medicine, the Center grew to include schools of nursing, graduate studies, dentistry, allied health professions, and public health, as well as a medical school, graduate school, school of allied health, and hospital in Shreveport. In 1997, the Charity Hospital System was transferred to the LSU board of Supervisors to be operated by LSU Medical Center. In 1999, the Louisiana Legislature changed LSU Medical Center's name to LSU Health Sciences Center. The Shreveport campus became a separate university with its own chancellor in 2000. At the direction of the Jindal administration, in 2013 operation of the public hospitals transferred to private hospital partners through cooperative endeavor agreements.
Today, LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans includes its Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Graduate Studies, Allied Health Professions, as well as the only School of Dentistry and only public School of Public Health in Louisiana. LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans is also home to eight Centers of Excellence. Its faculty take care of patients in private and public hospitals and clinics throughout the region.
LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans offers more than 40 degree and certificate programs ranging from associate through doctoral and postdoctoral. The School of Nursing at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans is the only nursing school in Louisiana within an academic health sciences center. The LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry is the only dental school in the nation offering degrees in Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, and Dental Laboratory Technology.
About 3,000 students are enrolled at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans among its six professional health schools.

LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans maintains excellent pass rates on licensure exams. The available data over the last nine years represents 116 different exams. LSU Health New Orleans students had a perfect passage rate on 53% of them and a 90-99% passage rate on 47% of them.

About 900 faculty currently teach in LSU Health New Orleans schools. Many hold or have held top leadership posts in national and international professional societies.

LSU Health New Orleans employees about 2,200 people in full-time positions.

LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans faculty are in the vanguard of biosciences research in a number of areas including alcohol and drug abuse, cancer, neuroscience and neurodegenerative diseases, eye disorders, genetics, diabetes, hypertension, angiogenesis, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, asthma and respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, vaccine technology, obesity and weight management, and children's health.
Although the National Institutes of Health is the primary source of research funding, others include the Department of Defense, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Science Foundation, American Heart Association, and the like. LSU Health New Orleans successfully competed for $225 million in research funding from all sources over the past five years.
Patient Care
LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans faculty take care of patients in a variety of settings including public hospitals and clinics, the LSU Healthcare Network, as well as private and non-profit hospitals and clinics throughout the region including University Medical Center-New Orleans, Touro Infirmary, Children's Hospital, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Ochsner hospitals, East and West West Jefferson Medical Centers, Our Lady of the Lake, Women's Hospital, University Medical Center-Lafayette, school-based clinics, and clinics for the homeless.
Pediatric Dentistry
Responsible for more than 1 million patient visits a year, LSU Health medical professionals offer a broad range of medical, surgical, dental and allied health specialties.
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LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans is known for its outreach activities, encompassing everything from opening the first clinic of its kind in the nation specifically for musicians to helping teach science to public school children and providing education and early cancer detection services statewide.

LSU Health Sciences Center's outreach programs, educational opportunities, research and health care services reach into every corner of the state,bringing the full resources of Louisiana's health care leader to the people it serves.