Resolution regarding Delaying the Possible Erosion of Health Plans Administered by the Office of Group Benefits (OGB); sent September 25, 2014.

Resolution regarding the Reduction in Employer Contribution to the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) for Higher Education Faculty from 5.18% to 3.66%; sent March 25, 2014.


Resolution regarding the Proposed LSU System Reorganization; sent December 17, 2012.

Resolution Passed

Memo regarding the report, "Newly Aligned Louisiana State University, Globally Competitive for the 21st Century;" sent October 31, 2012.

Executive Decision


Letter regarding the HUD/Taxpayer Guarantee of Charity Hospital Loan; sent April 15, 2011.

Letter approved via email vote

Resolution recommending implementation of modern, electronic, internet-based processes for application for admission, registration, class rosters, and filing grades; passed February 8, 2011.

Resolution Passed


Resolution requesting the creation of a daycare facility and/or the provision of daycare services for the faculty, staff, and students of LSUHSC-NO; passed March 9, 2010.

Discussed: October 2009, November 2009, December 2009, February 2010
Resolution Passed


Resolution regarding the reduction of employer contributions to the Optional Retirement Plan; passed September 15, 2009.

Discussed: August 2009
Resolution Passed
Follow Up: October 2009, November 2009, February 2010, March 2010

Resolution recommending a one time retirement plan switch; passed June 9, 2009.

Resolution Passed
Follow Up: March 2010

Resolution supporting LSUHSC higher administration in its efforts regarding the new Academic Medical Center and teaching hospital; passed May 19, 2009.

Resolution Passed
Follow Up: June 2009 - Tucker Bill, August 2009, September 2009

Resolution recommending the formation of a Website Advisory Committee; passed March 10, 2009.

Resolution Passed
Follow Up: April 2009, May 2009, June 2009, August 2009, September 2009August 2010

Resolution regarding the restoration of the higher education budget; passed March 10, 2009.

Resolution Passed
Follow Up: April 2009


Resolution congratulating UNO on its 50th anniversary; passed November 11th, 2008.

Resolution Passed

Resolution regarding Student Security Clearances to Perform Clinical Rotations; passed April 8, 2008.

Resolution Passed
Follow Up: May 2008, June 2008, August 2008, October 2008
Decision: Referred back to individual Schools - December 2008

Resolution regarding Student Misconduct and the Recommendation to Modify CM-56; passed April 8, 2008.

Resolution Passed
Follow Up: June 2008

Resolution regarding the AAUP Recommendation to Modify Faculty Handbook; passed January 15, 2008.

Resolution Passed
Follow Up: March 2008
Decision: Board of Supervisors response - April 2008


Resolution regarding CM-51 (Policy on Weather Related Emergency Procedures for LSUHSC-New Orleans) ; passed December 11, 2007.

Resolution Passed
Follow Up: January 2008, March 2008, April 2008, June 2008, September 2008, October 2008


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