Faculty Senate

The Mission of the Faculty Senate is to serve as a representative voice of the faculty and to provide a means of communication between the faculty and the Chancellor and the Administration staff of LSU Health New Orleans.


President's Message

Dear LSU Health New Orleans Faculty and Visitors:Judy S. Crabtree, Ph.D.

The Faculty Senate is an elected body representing the faculty of the six schools on our campus (i.e., the Schools of Allied Health, Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health) as well as the LSU Health New Orleans library. Senators are elected from each of the Schools' Faculty Assemblies / Organizations.

We are a collective voice of the faculty and provide a forum for communication with the Chancellor and his administration. The Senate meets regularly on the second Tuesday of each month, and these meetings are open to any recognized group within the LSU Health New Orleans community that wishes to present suggestions or raise problems for consideration. We also communicate regularly with the Faculty Assemblies or Organizations within each school and communicate with the Faculty Senates of the other colleges and universities within the State of Louisiana through the Association of Louisiana Faculty Senates (ALFS). Representatives from our Senate attend the monthly meetings held by the Board of Supervisors.

The Senate is committed to upholding the LSU Health New Orleans mission in providing education, research, and public service through direct patient care and community outreach. It is my feeling that we serve our mission best through a collaborative effort, capitalizing on the rich diversity of our faculty and range of their expertise in all facets of health care and research. It is my intent to continue leading the Senate as a proactive, informed, and inclusive voice of all of the members of our great faculty in facilitating our administrative colleagues' vision for the future of our campus.

Please familiarize yourself with this website, review the work of the Faculty Senate, read the minutes posted from the meetings, and get involved in Senate activities. If you are in need of information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact  one of your Senators or me directly.


Judy S. Crabtree, Ph.D.
Faculty Senate 2022-2024
LSU Health New Orleans

Monthly Agendas

Faculty Senate Agendas are set only a few days before each meeting, so that they will be as up-to-date as possible. For further information or get an item on the agenda contact the FS Secretary.

May 2023 Agenda

Meeting to be held in CSRB, Room 563
533 Bolivar Street

If a Senator is unable to attend a meeting, a proxy should be designated. Please fill out the proxy form and submit to the Senate Secretary. Please refer to the Bylaws for complete rules (Article 1, Section 4, Line 160).


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