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Resolution in support of an effective, efficient, and transparent process in the Chancellor search; discussed November 3, 2023; sent to the Senate via e-mail November 6, 2023, and passed November 6, 2023.


Resolution endorsing the development of an updated and comprehensive paid parental leave policy for all LSUHSC-NO faculty and staff; discussed February 8, 2022; sent to the Senate via e-mail March 8, 2022, and passed March 8, 2022.


Resolution supporting the campus COVID-19 vaccination mandate; sent to the Senate via e-mail October 11, 2021, and passed October 12, 2021.

Resolution honoring the life, legacy, and contributions of Joseph M. Moerschbaecher, III, PhD to the Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, the School of Graduate Studies, and his selfless dedication to all schools of the Health Sciences Center; presented to the Senate and passed July 8, 2021.


Resolution honoring the life, legacy, and contributions of Henry A. Gremillion, DDS to the School of Dentistry, the Health Sciences Center, and his lasting impact on all he met; sent to Senate via e-mail June 3, 2010; passed June 9, 2020.


Resolution regarding lack of faculty pay increase; discussed April 9, 2019; sent to Senate via e-mail April 29, 2019; passed May 14, 2019.


Resolution regarding the LSU main campus decision to drop VOYA Financial, Inc. and MetLife Financial, Inc. as 403(b) options without conferring with the LSU Health New Orleans campus; discussed May 8, 2018; sent to Senate via e-mail May 10, 2018; passed May 11, 2018.

Resolution regarding communication of urgent messaging; discussed December 12, 2017; sent to Senate January 11, 2018; passed February 20, 2018.


Resolution regarding administrative performance review; passed June 13, 2017; sent June 14, 2017.


Resolution regarding Delaying the Possible Erosion of Health Plans Administered by the Office of Group Benefits (OGB); sent September 25, 2014.

Resolution regarding the Reduction in Employer Contribution to the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) for Higher Education Faculty from 5.18% to 3.66%; sent March 25, 2014.


Resolution regarding the Proposed LSU System Reorganization; sent December 17, 2012.

Memo regarding the report, "Newly Aligned Louisiana State University, Globally Competitive for the 21st Century;" sent October 31, 2012.


Letter regarding the HUD/Taxpayer Guarantee of Charity Hospital Loan; sent April 15, 2011.

  • Letter approved via email vote

Resolution recommending implementation of modern, electronic, internet-based processes for application for admission, registration, class rosters, and filing grades; passed February 8, 2011. Resolution Passed


Resolution requesting the creation of a daycare facility and/or the provision of daycare services for the faculty, staff, and students of LSUHSC-NO; passed March 9, 2010.


Resolution regarding the reduction of employer contributions to the Optional Retirement Plan; passed September 15, 2009.

Resolution recommending a one time retirement plan switch; passed June 9, 2009.

Resolution supporting LSUHSC higher administration in its efforts regarding the new Academic Medical Center and teaching hospital; passed May 19, 2009.

Resolution recommending the formation of a Website Advisory Committee; passed March 10, 2009.

Resolution regarding the restoration of the higher education budget; passed March 10, 2009.


Resolution congratulating UNO on its 50th anniversary; passed November 11th, 2008.

Resolution regarding Student Security Clearances to Perform Clinical Rotations; passed April 8, 2008.

Resolution regarding Student Misconduct and the Recommendation to Modify CM-56; passed April 8, 2008.

Resolution regarding the AAUP Recommendation to Modify Faculty Handbook; passed January 15, 2008.


Resolution regarding CM-51 (Policy on Weather Related Emergency Procedures for LSUHSC-New Orleans) ; passed December 11, 2007.


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