Attendance and Leave

The Human Resource Management invites you to visit our links to the Unclassified and Civil Service Classified leave policy as governed by the University System, State Civil Service and Federal regulations. You will also find instructions and helpful tips about the leave process on this page. For more information or inquiries regarding leave and attendance, please contact Mark Gele' at (504) 568-7812 or via email at

Helpful Links

Helpful Tips

  • During the employee orientation session, all new Academic and Unclassified fiscal year staff will have the one-time option to choose the LSU or the Civil Service Leave Accrual Schedule. Click on the Leave Accumulation Tables for a comparison of the leave accruals. The window to make this selection is 30 days and the choice is irrevocable. Classified employees are also welcome to view the bi-weekly leave accruals.  
  • You should be able to view leave accruals in PeopleSoft or run leave reports if you have querying and monitor absence access. Please contact your department administrator for assistance.  If you need additional assistance, please contact PS HR Support via electronic mail.
  • Academic and Unclassified employees are responsible for completing and submitting an electronic SF-6 Application for Leave online to their immediate supervisor/department head in advance (forseeable instances) of taking all types of leave (i.e., Annual, Sick, LWOP, Funeral, Educational, Military and Civil). Classified employees must complete and submit a SF-6 Application for Leave (in paper format) to their immediate supervisor in advance (forseeable instances) of taking all types of leave.  For instances involving illness or other unforeseen circumstances, employees should submit the SF-6 Application for Leave in the applicable format immediately upon their return to work. 
  • When a new employee is completing a new hire orientation packet, it is important to provide us with as much information as possible about your prior state service. The state employment history may be asked either on the “biographical information form” or the “employee information” form in your hire packet. This information should include agency name/state agency and address, employment dates and salary.
  • The transfer of leave balances is handled by the Human Resources Department when employees transfer to LSU Health Sciences Center via a written request to the outgoing agency. When an employee transfers out from LSU Health Sciences Center, the incoming agency should submit a written request to LSU Health Sciences Center, Human Resources, 433 Bolivar St., New Orleans, LA 70112 or fax it to (504) 568-8350.