Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Policies

Academic Affairs policies are created for the purpose of institutional governance by way of establishing standard procedures for the academic operation of the university. These policies are subordinate to Chancellor's Memoranda (CMs), policies of the LSU System issued as Permanent Memoranda (PMs), the Bylaws and Rules & Regulations of the LSU Board of Supervisors, and state and federal regulations, policies, and statutes. They apply to the entire LSUHSC-NO community but are not binding upon other institutions within the LSU System.

The approved protocol for the development, approval, and review of Academic Affairs policies is found here.


Number Policy Title Initially Issued Last Revised
AA-1 Substantive Change Policy


AA-2 Academic Program Review


AA-3 Student Misconduct Policy 12/11/2023  
AA-4 Admissions Policy 12/11/2023  
AA-5 Academic Public Information Policy 12/11/2023  
AA-6 Credit Hour Policy 12/19/2023  
AA-7 Policy on Course and Curriculum Changes 12/19/2023  
AA-8 Academic Program Development Policy 12/19/2023  
AA-9 Syllabus Requirements Policy 12/19/2023  
AA-10 Degree Audit & Completion Policy 12/19/2023  
AA-11 Transfer Credit Policy 12/19/2023