Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Forms

The five forms listed to the left were designed for the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. All forms are fillable PDF Files. Anyone with Adobe Reader can now save the completed forms to their own computer. This will allow the forms to be emailed to obtain signatures. If you have any technical problems filling in the forms contact Amelia Jenkins.

Consult Chancellor's Memorandum 36, for guidelines regarding the responsible use of alcohol at  LSU Health Sciences Center at New Orleans.

Student Affairs Forms

In accordance with Chancellor's Memorandum 33, the LSUHSC-NO Student Affairs Committee has developed the Policies and Procedures for Recognized Student Organizations, which includes the Student Organization Request for Recognition Form on the final two pages. Any group of eight or more currently enrolled LSUHSC-NO students joined together for a common purpose, which is consistent with the Role, Scope and Mission of LSU Health Sciences Center at New Orleans, may apply to the LSUHSC-NO Student Affairs Committee to be recognized.