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The Pay Paw Card is:

The LSUHSC declining balance transaction system that allows faculty, staff, and students to access, without cash, a variety of goods and service throughout the campus:

  • Health Sciences and Dental Bookstores

  • Copy and Printing Resources at many key locations

The Pay Paw Card is the result of a cooperative endeavor between LSU Baton Rouge (the Tiger Card) and LSUHSC New Orleans to provide enhanced levels of service while dynamically sharing costs for BlackBoard Transaction and Pharos Printing solutions to our campuses.

What is my Pay Paw account number?

All ID cards that have been issued in recent years have the Pay Paw number encoded on the magnetic stripe and printed on the back. Look for a number beginning with 444 (New Orleans campus), then seven additional digits (your personal ID). That is your Pay Paw account number. If you do not have this 444 number on the back of your card, please see the Registrar of Students, or Human Resource Management for faculty and staff, then have your new card activated.

How to deposit funds to your account.

1) Visit the Health Sciences Bookstore, Room 210 of the Resource Center Building or the Dental School Bookstore, Room 3101A of the Dental Administration Building. Credit cards, checks and cash accepted ($10 minimum deposit).

2) You or relatives can deposit money using a credit card via our secure website by clicking on the following link: Pay Paw Online Card Office. This is the preferred method with most Blackboard capable organizations and can be done from anywhere with a web browser.

3) Visit the John P. Ische' Library, 3rd floor of the Resource Center Building and deposit cash via the value transfer staion located near the circulation desk.

How to request a refund from your account.

If you need a refund for the remaining balance on your Pay Paw account, please email your request to aebusofflsuhscedu1. Include your 10-digit account number along with the address you want the check mailed to.


Pay Paw Locations



Resource Center Building Library: 3rd, 4th and 5th floors
Medical Education Building: 4th floor
Nursing / Allied Health Building: 5th floor and 6th floor
Dental School Administration Building Library: 3rd floor


Resource Center Building Library: 3rd and 4th floors
Medical Education Building: 4th floor
Nursing Building: 5th floor
Dental School Administration Building Library: 3rd floor

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Pay Paw Online Card Office