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Scientific Supply Center

We welcome you to your favorite source for all your laboratory research supplies and equipment. We are conveniently located on the 2nd floor of the Medical Education Building. In addition to stocked research supplies, we specialize in new lab set up and equipment purchases. Please contact us for any of your research needs.

The Scientific Supply Center (SSC) is a section within the Purchasing Department that specializes in the purchase of research supplies and equipment. SSC functions as a liaison between the researcher and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety for the purchase and monitoring of radioactive materials. You simply complete the radioisotope order form, we acquire the approval from the RSO and then the order is placed and received by the RSO for pick up.

SSC stocks commonly used research supplies which can be picked up or delivered to the customer daily. There aren't any fees assessed for these deliveries. We pre-bid remaining research supplies from many Suppliers which can be ordered as the need arises. Our mission is to acquire further discounting so our Research Community can utilize grant funds more efficiently. The discounting received aids SSC in achieving this goal.

The Storeroom also has Supply Centers for BioRad, Gold Biotechnology, Life Technologies, NEB, Promega and Qiagen. The available stock in these Centers is determined by the usage of the LSU Health Science Center community. We are able to add or remove product as your needs change by notifying SSC with your request.

Staffing: SSC is staffed by a Manager with scientific research experience and an Associate Manager with a minimum requirement of a Bachelor's degree in a scientific or health concentration. The management of SSC is supported by an Administrative Coordinator for receiving, delivery and stocking inventory.

In addition, the experience of the SSC staff enables us to work at the request of a Department Chairman or Business Manager to stock and set up a new lab with basic research equipment and supplies for incoming faculty. This service allows a new faculty member to begin research immediately upon arrival.

Scope of Service: The Scientific Supply Center serves the entire LSU Health Sciences Center, LCRC, Children's Hospital, the new University Medical Center Hospital, Ochsner Hospital, UNO, Tulane Medical Center, Tulane University and Xavier University. At this time, deliveries are made to these locations without added cost to the end-users.

Affiliations: We are a member of the National Association of Scientific Materials Managers. This enables the staff to remain current with new trends, safety procedures and other related professional concerns.



Christine Avery       Manager                                    504-568-4385

Catisha Powell       Assistant Manager                  504-568-8334

Anthony Clark        Administrative Coordinator   504-568-3139


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1901 Perdido Street, Room 2100
New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone: (504) 568-8334
Fax: (504) 568-3882

Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (M-F)