Auxiliary Enterprises

Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking privileges are regarded as an optional benefit associated with employment or student registration at the LSU Health Sciences Center. Parking is offered by LSUHSC in cooperation with those who enjoy the privilege. The spirit of this cooperation determines the success and efficiency of parking operations.

Parking Committee Rules and Regulations apply to day, night, and weekend parking in all downtown facilities of LSUHSC. The rules and regulations concerning parking are made to protect all users and thus apply equally to everyone.

Failure to Comply with the Traffic Rules and Regulations at All Times Will Result in Possible Imposition of Fines, Immobilization of the Vehicle in Question, or Loss of the Privilege to Park in LSU Health Sciences Center Facilities.

The University Police and the Parking Office issue citations (both moving and parking) to violators of the Parking Rules and Regulations. If a citation is issued through error, or with mitigating circumstances, appeals can be made promptly to the Parking Committee through:

The Parking Office
RCB, Room 158
433 Bolivar Street

Parking in Any University Facility Is Solely at the Discretion and Risk of the Individual. The University Assumes No Liability for Damage to Vehicles or Loss of Property.

Street Parking on City Property Is under the Jurisdiction of the New Orleans Parking Authority. Violation of Parking Restrictions Could Result in Your Vehicle Being Ticketed or Towed Away.

All parkers must abide by the University’s Code of Conduct: University Code of Conduct