Human Resources

Employment & Income Verification 

It is the policy of LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans (LSUHSC-NO) to protect the privacy of each employee. Organizations who wish to verify the employment of a LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans current or past employee will use an automated external employment verification service designated by LSUHSC-NO. LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans uses The Work Number® to provide automated employment and income verifications on our employees.


The Work Number is an automated service that provides you with the ability to quickly provide proof of your employment and/or income. You benefit from having control of the process, since you authorize access to your information. The Work Number provides verification services to over 50 million employees. It is widely known to mortgage lenders, banks, apartment complexes and others who may need proof of your employment or income, and it is easy for them to use.


All employment and income verification requests must use this automated service*. LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans will provide Federal, State, and local government agencies any employee information required by law.

The Work Number can be used anytime, anywhere - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

*Excludes the following verifications: any prior state service, gratis, social service.

Please contact the Office of Human Resource Management for those requests only, or (504) 568-4834.


As an employee of LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans, you may handle a variety of confidential matters regarding other employees, clients, and other information. When doing so, it is your responsibility to respect the highest level of privacy for your fellow employees. Employees are prohibited from releasing employment or income verification information. This policy is designed to protect the company and employee from any potential liability.


For Proof of Employment:

Verification Type

Access Options

      Information Required


mortgage loan, auto finance, credit card, job offer, apartment lease, etc.


1. Employer Name or Code

LSU Health Sciences Center - N.O. Employer Code is 17745

2. Employee's Social Security Number

Social Services

Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, subsidized housing, etc.

(only available to qualifying assistance agencies)


Human Resource Management

(504) 568-4834

1. Appropriate form for completion

2. Employee Signed and Dated Authorization


Helpful Resources For Employees:

How to Access Your Employee Data Report or Create a Salary Key



What is The Work Number?

The Work Number® , a service of Equifax Workforce Solutions, automates the employment and income verification process. It allows both current and former employees to have their employment and income verified instantly online. This fast, secure service is used when applying for a loan, buying a car, leasing an apartment, qualifying for a public assistance benefit or similar instances where proof of employment or income is required. It's simple to use and provided at no cost to the employee. More than 200,000 credentialed verifiers rely on The Work Number for rapid access to information critical to their decision process, and over 2,700 employers nationwide have entrusted The Work Number to provide this important service on behalf of their employees.


What Employer Code do I use?

LSUHSC-NO employer code is: 17745. This five digit code is used to identify each organization in The Work Number database. Credentialed verifiers can also search for employer codes by name.


What information is provided?

Data available to verifiers includes:

  • Employee name
  • Most recent hire date
  • Termination date (if no longer employed)
  • Total time with company
  • Job title
  • Rate of pay
  • Gross earnings for current year-to-date, including base pay, overtime, bonuses,
    and commissions
  • Gross earnings for last year and two years past, including base pay, overtime, bonuses, and commissions        


How does it work?

  1. Starting February 1, you will be able to access your data and create a salary key at . Once there, you will enter the LSUHSC-NO employer code: 17745. After entering the code, you will log-in with your SSN as your user id, and your PIN default is the Last 4 of SSN + YYYY year of birth. You will be requested to change your PIN after your first log-in.

    • When you apply for credit or other services where proof of employment or income is required, you provide consent to the credit grantor via your signature on the application to verify your information. If they need to verify your salary, you will also provide your salary key.

  2. The verifier can either call the Work Number or go online at to verify the information. The verifier must provide a valid reason or permissible purpose for requesting the information, as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In addition, the verifier must have signed authorization from the employee, the LSUHSC-NO employer code: 17745, and your Social Security Number to look up your employment record on The Work Number database. To verify your salary, the verifier must have your salary key.


How and when does an employee create a Salary Key?

In most instances, the employee's consent to have income verified is attained by the verifier during the application process. However, an additional consent mechanism available through The Work Number is the Salary Key.

To generate a Salary Key, the employee goes to or calls 800.367.2884. The employee will be prompted to enter the LSUHSC-NO employer code 17745 and his or her User ID and PIN. Once logged in, the employee will select the option to create a Salary Key and the system will generate a 6-digit random number. The Salary Key is displayed or voiced to the employee. It is a single use code, and the employee must create a new Salary Key for each income verification needed. An employee may have up to three codes active at one time.

How does an employee get the User ID and PIN required to obtain a Salary Key?  

If logging into the system for the first time, the employee will use a default User ID and PIN combination. For LSUHSC-NO employees, the default User ID & PIN scheme is:
ID: Social Security Number (9 digits, no dashes)
PIN: Last 4 of SSN + YYYY year of birth

Once an account is established, the employee can change or personalize their login information.


Why does LSUHSC-NO use The Work Number to provide automated employment and income verifications?

  • The Work Number ensures that verifications are completed in the most secure and streamlined manner possible — 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

  • The Work Number protects sensitive employee information by credentialing all verifiers prior to system use, authenticating the verifier at login, requiring the verifier to have Consumer Consent and a valid Permissible Purpose for requesting the data, and monitoring and auditing verifier activity to ensure compliance with the above safeguards.
  • The Work Number reduces LSUHSC-NO's risk of liability in unknowingly providing sensitive employee
    data to a non-authorized requestor.
  • The Work Number complies with The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which ensures that employees can see who is requesting their data and provides a mechanism to dispute data that they believe to be inaccurate.


Is the information secure?

The commitment to information security at Equifax is unparalleled. The Work Number is SSAE16, FISMA NIST 800-53 and ISO 27001 certified. The Work Number employs risk based authentication and data encryption technologies and houses The Work Number data in an isolated network.