Human Resources

What is the Difference Between Civil Service and Unclassified?

Civil Service positions are positions that are governed by the policies and procedures of the State Civil Service. State government is the largest employer in Louisiana: there are currently about 57,000 employees. Once employees are in the system, and have gained permanent status, chances for promotion are fairly good. State employees are paid by the principle of "equal pay for equal work", and salaries are reviewed frequently, making sure they are competitive with the private sector and with other states and cities.

Civil Service positions typically require that a State Civil Service Test be taken and the applicant must pass the specified test with a certifiable score. Some positions may not require that a test be taken. Please contact our office should you have any questions regarding whether the position requires a test, what type of test should be taken, or what the certifiable scores are at (504) 568-4834 or visit the site for Civil Service.

Unclassified positions are positions that are governed by the policies and procedures of the organization, LSU Health Sciences Center. These positions do not require that the State Civil Service exam be taken. However, most unclassified positions typically require that the applicant possess a degree from an accredited university and/or Licensure or certification in a specific field of study, such as a Bachelors degree in Biology or Licensure to practice Nursing in the State of Louisiana.

For more information on the differences between classified and unclassified positions, please visit the Civil Service website on civil service rules.