Human Resources

Comprehensive Public Training Program


The Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP) is the state-funded training program for state employees. Through the CPTP, agencies and state employees are offered management development, supervisory training, and general application classes on topics such as computer software and writing skills. The CPTP provides an excellent opportunity for state employees to learn ways of increasing their effectiveness as managers, supervisors, and employees. Participation not only provides for individual development and achievements, but improves the overall effectiveness of the entire LSU Health Sciences Center.

The CPTP offers instructor-led and web-based training. Web-based training is accessed at Louisiana Employees Online (LEO).


Additional information on the CPTP program, including the course catalog, can be found at: Comprehensive Public Training Program


Instructions for Logging into LEO to Complete Web Based Courses

LEO - Louisiana Employees Online (H Number Required)

Employees can obtain their H Number by contacting Talent Development by email at or at (504) 568-2214.