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Procedures for Management and Submission of SSPS and SCS reports to the Board of Regents


  1. Registrar will email program change request to the PS SA Development Team (
  2. The PS SA Development team will request approval on all proposed change requests from the Vice Chancellor for Finance prior to beginning work.  When changes to a PeopleSoft delivered program require a PeopleSoft change request form, additional approval must be obtained from the PeopleSoft Steering Committee.
  3. Vice Chancellor for Finance and the Registrar or their designees will test all program changes.
  4. After testing, the Vice Chancellor for Finance and the Registrar approve all program changes prior to Computer services moving the changes into production.
  5. The Registrar runs the Statewide Student Profile System File (ZZSR038D.SQR), 14th class day (census date) enrollment data for the Fall semester (September 15th) and uploads it to the Board of Regents when requested after the 1st of each year.  (e.g. January 15, 2014 for Fall 2013). The Student Statistics Table is an Application Engine program of data built inside of PeopleSoft and it is a “portal” to reports that use that data.  It is a program to take a “snapshot” of data from a specific date and time, which is the 14th class day (September 15th).  The SSPS, SCS (Student Completer System), Metrics, and IPEDS reports use this data as input.
  6. The Registrar runs the Student Completers System File (ZZSR038C.SQR), which is due to the Board of Regents annually by July 1st.
  7. The Registrar uses control totals to review the data for accuracy along with the error reports generated with the above files.  If any errors are identified and need to be corrected, the Registrar’s administrative assistant edits the changes/corrections needed. When non-routine events occur (e.g. start of a new program, discontinuation of an existing program, etc.), the Registrar will do a review of a sample of the affected students to ensure all the data is accurate.
  8. After changes/corrections have been made, the Registrar will recreate the files with the corrected input and be given a new version control to identify the updated report.
  9. The final version of the report will be provided to the Vice Chancellor for Finance or his designee to independently review the reports to verify the accuracy of the data.  If any discrepancies are noted the Registrar’s Office will make the corrections and regenerate the reports.  Once the Vice Chancellor for Finance or his designee considers the report accurate, the Vice Chancellor for Finance will submit the reports to the Board of Regents.
  10. If any errors are detected by the Board of Regents, then the Registrar makes the necessary corrections to the data and provides an explanation to the Board of Regents.  The Registrar will provide the correction information and explanation to the Vice Chancellor for Finance prior to sending same to the Board of Regents.  The explanation is documented to include the reason for any irregularities in the data and kept on file in the Registrar’s Office.


revised: March 21, 2014