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Academic Colors

Allied Health - Gold
Dentistry - Lilac
Graduate Studies - Dark Blue
Medicine - Green*
Nursing - Apricot
Public Health - Salmon*

*Students in the MD/PhD program receiving their MD wear Graduate Studies (dark blue) gowns & Medicine (green) hoods. MD/MPH students wear Medicine (green) gowns and hoods. Public Health PhD students wear Graduate Studies (dark blue) gowns and hoods. 


Academic Dress

The Gown

The flowing black gown comes from the twelfth century. It has become symbolic of the democracy of scholarship, for it completely covers dress of rank or social standing beneath. Gowns with pointed sleeves designate the Associate and Bachelor’s degree; long, closed sleeves are used for the Master’s degree, with a slit for the arm; and round, open sleeves indicate the Doctor’s degree. The gown worn for Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree has no trimmings.

The gown for the Doctor’s degree is faced down the front with velvet and has three bars of velvet across the sleeves, in the color distinctive of the faculty or discipline to which the degree pertains.

For certain institutions, the official colors of the college or university may appear on the gown or its decorations.

The Cap

The freed slave in Ancient Rome won the privilege of wearing a cap, and so the academic cap is a sign of the freedom of scholarship and the responsibility and dignity with which scholarship endows the wearer. Old poetry records the cap of scholarship as a square to symbolize the book, although some authorities claim the mortar board is a symbol of the masons, a privileged guild.

The color of the tassel on the cap denotes the discipline, although a gold tassel may be worn with any Doctor’s gown.

The Hood

Heraldically, the hood is an inverted shield with one or more chevrons of a secondary color on the ground of the primary color of the college or university. The color of the face of the hood denotes the discipline represented by the degree; the color of the lining of the hood designates the university or college from which the degree was granted.