Information Technology

IT Staff

The Department of Information Technology at LSUHSC-NO is a combination of centralized and decentralized services offered through partnerships between the Department of Information Technology and the major schools/divisions within the Health Sciences Center. The Department of Information Technology is located on the 7th floor of the Resource Center Building.

Department of Information Technology
433 Bolivar St.
7th Floor
New Orleans LA 70112
Phone: (504) 568-6130
Departmental Leadership | (504) 568-6130  
Boe, Kenneth J., Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology email
Kees, Mickey, Director, IT Infrastructure Support email
Rappold, Randy, Director, Applications Support email
Lambert, Dawn, Business Manager   email


Departmental Administration | (504) 568-6130 email
LeBlanc, Casey, Assistant Business Manager email
Howard, Tanya, Assistant Business Manager email


Audio-Visual Support | (504) 568-6130 email
Finicle, Thomas G., Manager, Audio-Visual email
Dupart, Damon P., Server Support Analyst Senior email
Pellegrini, Edward V., Audio-Visual System Analyst  email
Schroth, Jeremy, Audio-Visual System Analyst email


Custom Applications | (504) 568-6130 email
Jennings, Laurie, Manager, Custom Applications email
Patterson, John, Programmer Analyst Consultant email
Theriot, Derek C., Programmer Analyst Senior email
Reyes, Margarita, Programmer Analyst Senior  email
Scott, Delphina R., Programmer Analyst Senior  email
Xing, Banghe, Programmer Analyst Senior email
Shea, Hunter, Programmer Analyst  email
Nayak, Kiran, Programmer Analyst email


Database Administration Support | (504) 568-6130 email
Zeringue, Brandon, Manager, Database Administration email
Eschete, Maureen, Database Administrator Senior  email
Volpe, Sal, Database Administrator Senior email


Email Support | (504) 568-6130  email
Doskey, Alex, Lead, Email Support email
Holzenthal, Mary, Email Administrator Senior email
Bonnet, Harry, Email Analyst  email


Help Desk & Backup | (504) 568-6130 email
Browning, David, Manager, Help Desk & Backup email
Rockwell, Tiffany, Help Desk & Backup Analyst Senior  email
Long, Michael, Help Desk & Backup Analyst Senior  email
Williams, Eric, Help Desk & Backup Analyst email


Information Security | (504) 568-6130 email
Fatemi, Farshad, Manager, Information Security email
Kelley, John A., Security Analyst Senior email
LeBeau, Brett, Security Analyst email
Michelle, Jason, Security Analyst Senior email
Rudder, Sharlene, Security Analyst Senior email
Dolese, Jordan, Security Analyst email
Zabaleta, Andres, Security Analyst email


Network Support | (504) 568-6130  email
Frey, Cyrille M., Manager, Network Support email
Lafleur, Charles, Network Analyst Senior email
Clement, Clint, Network Analyst email
Joyce, Christopher, Network Analyst email
Huynh, Johnny, Network Analyst email


PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Support | (504) 568-6130  email
Speir, Bridget, Applications Support Coordinator email


PeopleSoft Education & Training | (504) 568-6130  
Williams, Talesia, Director, PeopleSoft Training email
Dooley, Wanda, Training Facilitator  email
O'Connor, Karen, Training Facilitator email


PeopleSoft Financials Development | (504) 568-6130  email
Keegan, John, Manager, PeopleSoft Financials Development email
Liu, Shiying, Programmer Analyst Senior email
Nguyen, Thuy, Programmer Analyst Senior   email
Harris, Sheldon, Programmer Analyst Senior  email
Nguyen, Thien Tommy,  Programmer Analyst email


PeopleSoft Financials Support | (504) 568-6130 email
Gonzales, Michele, Manager, Applications Support Coordinator email
Bucalan, Richard, Applications Support Analyst email
Doss, Barbara, Applications Support Analyst  email


PeopleSoft HR & CS Development | (504) 568-6130   
Coe, Celina, Manager, Peoplesoft HCM & CS Development email
PeopleSoft HR Development | (504) 568-6130 email
Cao, Son, Programmer Analyst Senior email
Huang, Kewen, Programmer Analyst Senior email
Nguyen, Alan, Programmer Analyst email
PeopleSoft CS Development | (504) 568-6130  email
Jagadeesh, Poornima, PeopleSoft Campus Solution Programmer Analyst Senior   email


PeopleSoft Human Resources Support | (504) 568-6130  email
Bourgeois, Gina, Manager, Applications Support Coordinator email
Barrilleaux, Jill, Applications Support Analyst email
Walker, Amy, Applications Support Analyst email


Server Support | (504) 568-6130  email
Walter, Rodney J., Manager, Server Support  email
Arseneaux, Arthur A., Server Support Analyst Senior email
Boutchard, Barry M., Server Support Analyst Senior  email
Harvey, Sedgie, Server Support Analyst Senior  email


Telecommunications | (504) 568-6130 email
Puccia, Jo Ann C., Manager, Telecommunications email


Admin IT Support | (504) 568-6130 email
White, Aaron J., Assistant Director, End User Support  email
Endpoint Management | (504) 568-6130  
Esler, George J., Enterprise Endpoint Solution Admin  email
Computer Support | (504) 568-6130  
Landry, Greg T., Lead, Computer Support email
Francis, Brian, Client Support Analyst  email
Nguyen, Duc, Client Support Analyst email
Randolph, Shannon, Client Support Analyst email


Web Services | (504) 568-6130  email
Nelson, David, Manager, Web Services email
Hendricks, Brandon, Web Support Analyst  email
LaGrange, Todd, Programmer Analyst Senior email
Karki, Akriti, Web Support Analyst  email


School Support

School of Medicine Computer Support | (504)599-1578 email
Galle, Brenda, Manager, Project Coordinator email
Caminita, Russell, Client Support Analyst email
McLain, Amy, Client Support Analyst email
Popovic, Ozrenka, Client Support Analyst Senior email
Thomas, Derrick, Client Support Analyst email


School of Allied Health Professions Computer Support | (504) 568-6130  email
Tran, Quang, Manager, Client Support Analyst Senior email
Viverito, Marilyn Client Support Analyst Senior email
Ramsey, Ryan, Client Support Analyst email


School of Dentistry Computer Support | (504) 568-6130 email
Salvant, Derrick, Manager, Client Support Analyst Senior  email
Bennett, Bradley,  Client Support Analyst  email


School of Nursing Computer Support | (504) 568-6130  email
Sosa, Marco, Manager, Project Coordinator  email
Avila, Ronald, Client Support Analyst Senior email
Viverito, Marilyn, Client Support Analyst Senior email
Jackson, Karl, Client Support Analyst Senior email


School of Public Health Computer Support | (504) 568-5700  email
Kluttz, Carl, Manager, Client Support Analyst Senior email
Armand, Jason, Client Support Analyst Senior  email
Gautier, Joseph, Client Support Analyst  email
Louisiana Tumor Registry  
Mumphrey, Brent, Clinical Database & Security Project Manager email