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Outlook on the Web (OWA) Support

Accessing Outlook on the Web (OWA)

  • From the LSUHSC home page, click on the Quicklinks dropdown in the upper right corner, and select “Office 365 Mail”

    LSUHSC Quicklinks
  • If you are on-network, Single Sign-On will automatically connect you.  From off-network, you will need to authenticate with your LSUHSC credentials, including Multi-Factor Authentication.

    OWA Login

Problems frequently encountered using Outlook on the Web (OWA)

  • If you've entered your login information but receive another login prompt then you may be experiencing one of the following problems:
    • Your ID or password was entered incorrectly -- Login again with the correct information 
    • You did not Approve the Multi-Factor Authentication prompt -- If MFA is required, make sure to look for the prompt for the second factor
    • Your account is locked or expired -- Contact the Help Desk at (504) 568-HELP (4357)
    • Your browser is not accepting cookies -- Change your browser's configuration to accept cookies 
  • Contact the Help Desk for all other OWA related issues at (504) 568-HELP (4357).