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Background Info

Emails from before 2018 can be found in your NearPoint Email Archive (see details below)
Emails since 2018 will be in Microsoft 365, in your Mailbox or your Online Archive

An "Archive LSUHSC" folder has been added to LSUHSC-NO mailboxes and is available through your email client (Outlook and Outlook Web Access).  This folder displays the interface to the LSUHSC-NO email archive.  Through this interface, you can browse and search for items in your mailbox that exist in the email archive.  While the archive interface is very intuitive, tutorial documentation and video training are available on this site to demonstrate the capabilities and features of the interface.

You can also reach the NearPoint Email Archive directly throuhg the web interface using browsers such as Chrome or Edge:

Please explore the archival interface and let Postmaster know if you have any questions.