Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2015
To: LSUHSC N.O. Faculty, Staff and Students
Subject: LSU Health FileS – Self Service File Sharing Solution


To accommodate the need to securely exchange large files, a new File Sharing solution has been implemented called LSU Health FileS.  While email remains one of the easiest mechanisms to communicate and share files, many email systems impose message size limits which impede the ability to share large files.  Additionally, not all remote email systems support the method our email servers use to protect email data in transit. 

LSU Health FileS provides a secure self-service File Sharing solution similar to Dropbox.  It is available at and is open to all New Orleans, Shreveport, and HCSD users.  We recommend using it for attachments which would cause a message size to exceed 25 MB.  LSU Health FileS also allows you to request large or zipped files from external users.

Documentation and training videos are available at

There is also an Outlook plugin that allows uploading of large files directly from within Outlook, without requiring the web interface.  Your local computer supporters will be working to deploy the plugin to your computer.  Most common functions can be performed from the Outlook plugin but the web interface does offer additional functionality such as the ability to remove files you’ve shared or view audit logs.

Note that the security this solution provides for contents in transit does not exclude the need for a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) or Data Use Agreement for content requiring such contracts.  You can configure files to expire and be removed from the system after a set time from 1 day up to the two week maximum.  Additionally, you will receive notice when your file is downloaded so you can remove sensitive content as soon as possible after successful transmission.