Email Support

Important Email Alerts:

Outlook mobile supports new message notifications for either all messages, favorites, or no messages.  You can use this to receive notifications for your favorite (VIP) contacts to avoid missing important emails by following the instructions below.

First you need to add people to Favorites in Outlook mobile:

  1. Tap the Office icon at the top left of your Inbox   and then tap on the pencil icon to Edit favorites.     

  2. Use the Search bar to locate people and tap on the star symbol next to their name to add them as a favorite.

  3. You can drag and drop to order and prioritize under Favorites and click on the checkmark to save your changes.

Now Set your Alerts:

  1. Tap the Office icon at the top left of your Inbox  , tap the gear icon in the lower left.  

  2. Tap Notifications.

  3. Select Favorite People for Outlook and Microsoft 365 and as desired set a preferred Sound for New Mail alerts.