Wireless Instructions

All Wireless users are expected to comply with Chancellor's Memoranda 42 in Information Technology Infrastructure.
LSUHSC New Orleans has a secure wireless network. To configure a laptop, a user must know which operating system is being used.

PC Users

Windows 7 (from the School of Nursing)

Mac OS X (10.7 & later)

Mac OS X - Lion wireless setup (pdf)
Mac OS X - 10.8 Wired setup (pdf)

Mac OS X (10.6 & earlier)

Mac OS X wireless setup (LSUHSC Intranet - log in with username and password)


version 14 or later
version 11-13

iOS 5 (& later)

iOS 5 users can access the LSUHSC-Secure Wi-Fi network with their LSUHSC user i.d. & password.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Connectivity from the EMail Support, includes Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows instructions.

Eduroam Initiative

List of US Participants & FAQ: for LINUX, MacOS & Windows

Note: Username is full institutional e-mail address (e.g. myname@myuniversity.edu)

Guest Access

Guest access to the wireless network is available in the Libraries, please inquire at either Circulation Desk for more information.

Updated January 2024