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Research & Education Librarians

Carolyn K. Bridgewater, MLIS, MSW, AHIP

  • 504-568-6104
  • School of Allied Health Professions liaison

Kathryn E. Kerdolff, MLIS

  • 504-568-6102
  • School of Medicine liaison
  • School of Graduate Studies liaison

Lori Spradley, MLIS

  • 504-568-8339
  • School of Nursing liaison

Research & Education Librarians

Julie Schiavo, MLIS, AHIP

  • 504-941-8162
  • School of Dentistry liaison

Andrew Olinik, MLIS

  • 504-941-8160

Reference Hours:
Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm


Rebecca Bealer, MLIS
Jennifer K. Lloyd, MLIS, AHIP


Reference/Research Services









Reference Librarians can help you find the right database and select the correct terms to search.You can also request a literature search or consultation via email or phone.


Mediated Searches

Have your search conducted by an experienced Reference Librarian. Literature searches are free for LSUHSC Library Patrons.


Scholarly Publishing

The Libraries can provide LSUHSC-NO patrons with a range of services related to scholarly communications including but not limited to manuscripts, poster presentations, and personal statements, such as copyediting that targets spelling, grammatical accuracy, consistency, and flow; reviews to ensure that manuscripts conform to publisher requirements; reference verification; and training on writing skills and other relevant topics.


Updated December 2021