Research Poster Printing

Research poster printing is a service provided by the Isché Library.
Initial funding for equipment and supplies was provided in part by the School of Graduate Studies.

Poster printing is available for faculty, residents/fellows, staff, and students of LSUHSC-NO only.


  • All posters printed by the Library must include an LSUHSC-NO logo.
  • All posters submitted for printing must be the final draft, include measurements, and have maximum dimensions of 59 inches in any direction. Please note Library Staff cannot resize submissions and are not responsible for proofreading posters or for any style or content errors. 
  • All posters must be submitted directly to the Isché Library at least 3 business days before requested pick-up time. Posters may only be picked up during Library operating hours. Submitters must approve an 11X17 proof (supplied by the Library) before poster printing will begin. During periods of high demand, for instance, Graduate Research Day, it is suggested that posters be submitted 4-5 days in advance.
  • Only authorized Library staff are allowed to operate the poster-printer. The printer will only be operated from within the Library; remote access by anyone to the printer is not allowed.
  • Students and faculty are limited to one printed academic poster free-of-charge and one reprint if revisions are needed. There will be a $50 fee for any additional posters printed because of more revisions or damage after pick-up from the Library.
  • The Library does not provide tri-fold free-standing boards or any other type of mounting or any other customized finishing of printed posters.
  • This service is for printing of academic research posters only. Posters for personal use, student events, or research that is not affiliated with LSUHSC-NO are not eligible for this service.​​​​​

How to Submit:

  1. Email the file to the Isché Library (
    • The file must be in PDF format and is the same size/dimensions of the poster.
    • Be sure to include the dimensions of the final poster.
  2. The Library will print an 11x17 proof which must be checked and approved in person in the Isché Library.
    • Bringing the poster's file on your computer will help if edits need to be made when checking the proof at the Library.
    • If the original submitted file is changed, another proof must be reviewed and approved before the poster is printed.
  3. The Library will send an email when the poster is finished and ready for pickup. Pickup may occur at any time that the Library is open.
    • The Isché Library can trim posters if the height or width is less than 50 inches.
    • The posters will be rolled and secured with rubber bands for pickup.

Need help with a poster?

  • The Graphics Department of the Campus Technology and Supply Store can provide assistance with poster design for a fee, 15 minute minimum.
    • The Graphics Department also offers poster mounting options for a fee.
  • Sample poster templates are available to download for free here.
  • If you need to resize your poster, in PowerPoint go to Design -> Slide Size -> Page Setup where you can specify the width and height of the slide in inches. To maintain the size for the PDF proof, be sure to Save as PDF and not print the slide as a PDF.
  • Official LSUHSC-NO and school logos are available for download; login is required to access.

Dental Research Poster Printing: Printer is not currently available (February 2022)

The Dental Library also prints research posters. The maximum width of their printer is 52 inches. Posters that need to be wider than 52 inches but less than 59 inches may be transferred over to the Isché Library for printing. Their page also has templates for School of Dentistry and Dental Center of Excellence.

Updated March 2023