Environmental Health and Safety

Laboratory Safety

Laboratory safety encompasses all hazards associated with the laboratory environment, including chemical, biological and physical hazards.   Effective laboratory safety requires identifying and understanding the hazards that exist in the lab, assessing risks associated with those hazards, and managing those risks through the use of ventilation, work practices, and personal protective equipment.

The laboratory safety program includes policies, procedures and training to ensure compliance in LSUHSC laboratories.  Policies and procedures can be found on this web page and on the Chemical, Biological, Radiation, and General Safety and Health home pages.

Training is the foundation for a strong laboratory safety program.  Training requirements for laboratory personnel to participate in research are addressed on the Office of Research Services training requirement table. pdficon_small

If you have a question or require support, contact the Laboratory Safety Officer at safety@lsuhsc.edu or 504-568-6585.


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