Environmental Health and Safety


Training is the foundation of a strong safety program.   Safety-related training that applies to all LSUHSC faculty, students and staff is provided via the on-line Compliance and Training System (CATS) every quarter on the following schedule:

  • January - General Safety
  • April - Emergency Response
  • July - Personal Protective Equipment and Job Safety Analysis
  • October - Incident and Accident Reporting and Investigation

In addition to the training listed above, all newly reporting faculty and staff who are “Authorized to Drive” by their supervisor must complete Driver Education training, which is issued via CATS shortly after reporting onboard.  This training must be completed every three years.  Furthermore, all supervisors are required to complete the “Administrative Driver Education” training module annually.  All new faculty, students and staff also receive Bloodborne Pathogens training.  Those personnel classified as “High Risk” repeat the training annually; all “Low Risk” personnel take this training every three years.

Training presentations, developed by Environmental Health and Safety are contained in the tabs on the left.  To gain credit for the training, you must take the training via the Office of Compliance's on-line Compliance and Training System (CATS) or in a classroom setting delivered by Environmental Health and Safety.

Finally, all personnel should be provided with safety related training that addresses the hazards posed by the tasks they perform, and should also receive training if they must perform new tasks or operate new equipment, or whose safety performance is not satisfactory.  If not addressed by the training provided via CATS or via other venues, the supervisor must conduct site-specific training with his/her employees to ensure they have the knowledge to perform the job safely.  This site-specific training must be documented in writing. Training requirements for laboratory personnel are addressed on the IRB Compliance Site

If you have a question or require support, contact EH&S, at safety@lsuhsc.edu or 504-568-6585.