Institutional Biosafety Committee


All research and teaching protocols previously approved by the IBC at LSUHSC-NO require an annual review to assess any changes that have been made to the research during the approval period and whether or not the research continues to be in compliance with institutional policies and federal regulations. This review also verifies that all work has been conducted in accordance with the approved protocol.


How to Submit

Annual Renewal/Continuing Review applications are submitted using the Renewal form associated with the approved protocol in the Kuali Research electronic submission platform, which may be accessed by clicking one of the icons below.  Detailed instructions for submitting initial and post-approval applications, including the Renewal form, to the IBC are available in the Kuali Quickguide, Creating and Submitting IBC Protocols in Kuali, that can be downloaded fromt the Resources page. 


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When to Submit

To ensure adequate time for the IBC to review a Renewal application, the Principal Investigator is required to submit the application no later than 15 days  before the Continuing Review Date, the date which signifies the end of study annual approval.

Reminder Notices

To prompt submission of a Renewal application in a timely manner, KR automatically sends Continuing Review reminder notices for active studies at 45, 30, 15 and 7 days prior to the end of the study approval period (i.e., Continuing Review Date). All study team members will receive these notices and the team should initiate a Renewal or Closure Request application as applicable.


Administrative Closures

Administrative closure of protocols will occur if a protocol is not renewed within 45 days past the annual renewal date (i.e., Continuing Review Date). During the 45 days post the Continuing Review Date, Kuali will send reminders (1, 7, 14, 21, 35 days past the Continuing Review Date) to the PI and all listed personnel on the protocol to suspend research activities until submission of a renewal within Kuali occurs. After 45 days of not receiving a renewal submission, the protocol will be administratively closed.

Internal Reminders

Investigators are strongly encouraged to devise an additional system for ensuring the submission of continuing reviews. Suggestions include setting reminder notices in electronic calendars and frequent meetings with study staff to review expiration dates. 



  • You have the ability to submit both the Renewal and Amendment applications simultaneously if you plan to make modifications to the protocol at the time of continuing review.
  • All personnel listed on the protocol must be up to date with required training before final approval can be granted.