The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) at LSUHSC has oversight of all activities involving the use of recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids (r/sNA), pathogens, potentially infectious materials, select and biological toxins, and other biohazards. It is the policy of LSUHSC-NO that all new protocols involving such agents must be presented to the IBC for review and approval prior to implementation. The IBC retains oversight of the project throughout its life cycle, including, but not limited to, review and approval of protocol modifications, annual renewals and reportable events.


How to Submit a new IBC Protocol

  • All new research applications for IBC review are submitted through the Kuali Research (KR) electronic submission platform.
  • If you are not a registered user in KR, you can create an user profile by following the intructions in the Kuali Quickguide Accessing Kuali Research.
  • Please click on the Kuali logo on the right to go to the Kuali login page.
  • Instructions for preparing and submitting initial and post-approval applications is available in the Kuali Quickguide Creating & Submitting IBC Protocols in Kuali that can be downladed from the Resources page.


When to Submit

Meeting dates and application submission deadlines are listed here.


When is a Full Committee Review (FCR) Needed

The IBC Chairperson will assess if the application meets the requirements for a Full Committee Review (FCR) or Expedited Review. Below are criteria when an FCR is required:

  • The use of r/sNA or transgenic animals subjected to the NIH Guidelines (Sections III-A,B,C,D or E)
  • Projects that use a Risk Group agent greater than RG2
  • Projects conducted at a Biosafety Level of 3 or higher rating
  • Core laboratory/facility

Outcomes from Full Committee Review (FCR)

  • Approved: The IBC approved the application
  • Modifications Required to Secure Approval (MRSA): The IBC approved the application contingent on receipt of minor modifications and/or additional information within 21 calendar days of notice. Responses will be reviewed by the IBC Chairperson and approved without a subsequent FCR meeting.
  • Defer for Information: The PI must respond with protocol modifications and/or additional information within 21 calendar days of notice. Requested modificaitons must be reviewed for approval by a quorum vote of IBC members.
  • Approval Witheld: The protocol application is denied because the IBC has determined the work may pose a significant safety risk, the risk outweigh the benefits, or other reasons the IBC cannot justify granting approval.