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Chat with Students


Use the Chat tool when you want to have real-time, synchronous text-based discussion with your students in an online chat room.


Creating a Chat Activity


  1. On the course home page, click Turn editing on , and in the relevant section, click Add an activity or resource,
  1. Select Chat from the pop-up list and click Add. On the Adding a new Chat page, click Expand all.f-chat-image-1



Completing General section:


  • Enter the Name of this chat room and some Description text.



Completing Chat section:


  • At Next chat time, enter the day, month, year, hour and minute of the first chat session.
  • At Repeat/publish session times, select how you want the chat time(s) to display.
  • Select the period for which you want to Save past sessions.
  • Select whether Everyone can view past sessions.



Participating in a Chat session

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