Moodle Docs

Login to the site

You can login to Moodle using your LSUHSC network id and password. The site is available 24/7 to all faculty and students from on and off campus. 

Moodle Login Screen


Enter Site Here



Moodle dashboard allows you to more readily access your courses and view upcoming events. You can customize your Dashboard with your preferences by clicking the Customize this page button found in the upper right corner of the page. 

Moodle Dashboard


Navigating using Breadcrumbs

When you are in a Moodle course, notice the Breadcrumbs bar at the top left of each page. It is a series of links located directly below the course title. It displays where you are in the course and allows you to go back to the previous page you visited within the course.

Moodle BreadCrumbs



The term block refers to a particular cluster of configurable settings.  Each block will have a unique name. The 2018%2010:27:02%20AMsymbol indicates that sub-options exist within a particular block option. Clicking each 2018%2010:27:02%20AMsymbol will reveal additional options.

  • Administration - offers different setting options depending on your current location in Moodle. It is a commonly used block when accessing course grades.
  • Navigation - allows you to navigate between and within courses. This block is available to you from the initial login page, My Courses and throughout Moodle.
  • Activities - allows navigation between the different activities available in your course (Forums, Quizzes, Assignments, Checklists and so forth).
  • Upcoming Events - includes links to upcoming events that all students need to have access to.
  • Calendar - displays site, course, group and or user events in addition to assignment and quiz deadlines, chat times and other course events. 
  • Private Files - functions as a file repository to access important files for your courses. The storage capacity of the Private files space has been set to a limit of 200MB. The maximum size for new files is 50MB.




Docking Blocks

Docking a block only affects your view. Docking places a Block along the left edge (dock) of the screen, displaying only its title. This is one way to provide more space for the middle section of the My Courses page where your course(s) and course related notifications are listed.

The 2018%2010:52:19%20AMsymbol is used to pin Blocks to the dock and the dock is located at the left edge of the page. 


Moodle Blocks 1


Undocking Blocks

By hovering the mouse over the docked Block, its feature list will display. Blocks can be undocked by hovering on the docked Block and clicking the 2018%202:44:44%20PM icon.  To undock one or more Blocks quickly, click the undock icon 2018%202:44:44%20PM at the bottom of the dock (bottom left of the page).

Moodle Blocks 2