You can drag files directly from your computer desktop or an application window into your course.


Dragging and Dropping a file

  • Upload within an Activity

    • Drag files from your computer and release then on top of the blue arrow  in the additional files area.

    • The files will appear in the Select files area and become part of the course activity



  • Upload into a Section
    • Locate the Topic or Weekly Section where a file will be added.
    • New resources are added to the botton of Sections
    • Single, multiple and archive files can be dragged onto the section




Adding a file resource                                                

  • On the course homepage > click Turn Editing on
  • In the section where you want the assignment to appear > click Add an activity or resource
  • Click the radio button beside Forum
  • Click Add






      1. General Section:

  • Enter a title for the file in the Name field, which will appear as a link on the course page

  • An optional description can be added and appear on the course page if needed

      2. Appearance Section:

  • Select the appropriate option from the Display drop-down list to see how the file is displayed to students.
    • Automatic: Moodle will determine the best display based on the file type.
    • Embed: The file will be embedded in the resource's page with the Navigation and Administration block.
    • Force download: The file is downloaded to the students' hard drives. Depending on individual browser settings, students may be prompted for a location to save the file.
    • Open: The file will occupy the entire browser window. No browser menu, heading, footer or description will display.
    • In pop-up: The file display in a new full browser window with menus and an address bar.
  • Checking Show size will display the size of the uploaded file on the course page
  • To show the type of file next to the file link then enable Show type
  • To show the date file was uploaded enable Show upload/modified date
  • Pop-up width/height would be enabled when choosing to display in pop-up