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Quizzes are a way for instructors to get feedback about performance and assessment. You can create quizzes with mulitple choice, true/false, essay and several other formatted question types. Instuctors can create questions, which can be shared, which could help in avoiding question duplication. 



Creating a Quiz:

  • On the course homepage > click Turn Editing on
  • In the section where you want the assignment to appear > click Add an activity or resource
  • Click the radio button beside Quiz
  • Click Add                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



Setting up a Quiz.


.     1. In the General section, enter a Name, and an introductory Description if necessary.

      2. In the Timing section:

  • Enable dates to Open/Close the quiz
  • Set a time limit if required
  • Choose what happens if time expires before a student submits there quiz
  • If allowing a grace period set the amount of time allowed (Students cannot change responses)


      3. In the Grade section:

  • The grade can be assigned to a Gradebook category
  • Enter the minimum Grade required to pass if needed
  • Set the number of Attempts allowed for each student
  • Select a Grading method when multiple attempts are allowed, the following methods are available for calculating the final quiz grade:
    • Highest grade of all attempts
    • Average (mean) grade of all attempts
    • First attempt (all other attempts are ignored)
    • Last attempt (all other attempts are ignored)

      4. In the Layout section:

  • The New page setting will allow an instructor to set the page breaks within a quiz
  • Set the Navigation method on how a student proceeds through a quiz
    • Free: Student can move back and forth between pages
    • Sequential: Student cannot return to previous pages or skip ahead

      5. In the Question Behaviour section: 

  • Set whether or not to Show question names in Quizzes
  • Shuffle within questions gives the capability for randomising multiple choice or matched questions
  • There are several options within How questions behave. The most common choices:
    • Deferred Feedback: Entire quiz is submitted before feedback
    • Interactive with multiple tries: Immediate feedback when each question is submitted
  • Depending on response to How questions behave, choos whether to Allow redo within an attempt
  • If multiple attempts were allowed then Each attempt builds on the last then each new attempt would contain reults of the previuos attempt

      6. In the Review options section: There are many options in this area to set for what the student should be able to serr when they review thier attempt



      7. In the Appearance section: Making choices about how the quiz will display:

  • Should the Show the user's pictureduring the attempt and on the review screen?
  • How many Decimal places in grades should display to the students for this quiz?
  • How many Decimal places in gradesshould display to the students for individual questions in this quiz?
  • Select whether you want the normal blocks to display during the student's quiz attempt

      8. In the Extra restrictions on attempts section:

  • Further lock down access to the quiz be setting Require password for students to Yes.
  • The Require network address setting is for proctored quizzes, to ensure that only students in a certain room can gain access to the quiz. 
  • Enable and select whether you want to set up the 2 levels of Enforced delay.
  • Click Show more and select whether you want to set up Browser security and restrict students' view and activity further 
  • *LSUHSC also has the option of using Respondus Lockdown Browser when taking a quiz

      9. In the Overall feedback section: Enter the text the students will automatically see after a quiz is attempted.


Adding questions to a quiz:

There are 3 options when trying to add questions to a quiz.

  • Create them one at time
  • Retrieve them from a question bank
  • Import them from a file or from another course


Viewing results for a quiz:

  • Grades: This report displays the  course Gradebook. image-icon
  • Responses: This report is similar to the Grades but shows the student responses. image-icon
  • Statistics: This report provides a statistical analysis of the quiz and questions.image-icon
  • Manual grading:This report allows an instructor to manually grade submissions within a quiz.image-icon
  • Errors: This is a LSUHSC special report that lists the questions that were answered incorrectly.image-icon
  • PaperQuiz: This is a LSUHSC special report that allows the printing of a paper copy of a quiz. image-icon








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