Windows Mobile Device Support

Using the following connection method, if a device must be wiped (e.g. a lost or stolen device may require removal of protected or restricted data), all data would be removed and the device would be returned back to Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications.

Connect you Surface RT or Windows Phone 8 device to LSUHSC email system using the Windows Mail program. 

In general it should be as simple as starting the Windows 8 Mail program and entering your email address and password, but there are many different versions and setups of Windows 8 possible. 

  1. To run the mail application you will be required to connect the device to a "Microsoft Account". This can be your Windows Live ID, your Office 365 account, etc. or you can create a new Microsoft account. This is normally done when setting up the device for first use.
  2. If the device is something like a Windows 8 PC, and it has an administrator account with a blank password, you will be required to give that (local) account a password before you can connect the device to Exchange ActiveSync. Also note that in step 16 below, the account running the Mail application needs to be an administrator as well. Since this requires a log out and log in in order to take effect, it is easiest to do this first before starting to configure the connection.
  3. Start Mail from the start screen.
  4. Swipe the right edge of the screen and tap settings.
    Screenshot (1)
  5. Click accounts. 
    Screenshot (2)
  6. Click Add an account.
    Screenshot (3)
  7. Enter your LSUHSC email address and password and click connect.
    Screenshot (6)
  8. In this case there is a security problem
    Screenshot (7)
  9. Click See how.
    Screenshot (8)
  10. If you need instructions to set up your account as an administrator, follow the instructions on this page. Then click All done.
  11. Now another kind of security problem, click Enforce these policies.
    Screenshot (10)