Office 365 Documentation

Microsoft 365 Overview


Is my mailbox in Microsoft 365? 

All LSU Health New Orleans Faculty, Staff and Student mailboxes are in Microsoft 365.


How do I Log In?

From the LSUHSC homepage ( in the top right click Quicklinks and then Office 365.  Microsoft 365 users will enter their email address ( as their username when logging in. The password is the same password used on-premises to authenticate to a computer desktop or website.


What is Microsoft 365? Why does everyone refer to it as the cloud?

Microsoft 365 is a collection of software services, including Exchange Online email services, hosted by Microsoft.   These services are accessed through internet connections even when you are on the LSUHSC network.  Internet-based services, such as Office 365, are often referred to as "the cloud".  A benefit of Microsoft's 365 cloud services is that it is geographically dispersed and provides business continuity for LSUHSC email. 


OK, my mailbox is in Microsoft 365.  What should I expect?

  • Follow the instructions to configure your mobile device on an iPhone or an Android for connecting to email.

  • There are significant differences in the way that email archiving works compared to on-premises email archiving.  Review instructions for using email archiving in Microsoft 365.  If you need to find older email (prior to 2018), please see the NearPoint Email Archiving page.

  • Instructions on how to access Outlook on the Web (OWA) is  documented here.

  • You can change your password at

  • An internet connection is required for connectivity to Microsoft 365 even while on the LSUHSC network.  If you are unable to access your email, please verify that your internet connection is working properly (e.g. can you connect to the site).
  • Contact your local computer supporter or the IT Help Desk for support.

  • For other Email services see the Email Support page.