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Getting an Entry Visa

***Each Consulate/Embassy has their own scheduling procedures and rules, so be sure check the website for the consulate/embassy where you will interview carefully!***

General Procedures for Non-Immigrants

Unless visa exempt (Canadian Citizens), all prospective nonimmigrants must apply at the United States Consulate or Embassy having jurisdiction over their place of residence.

To find the nearest consulate for a jurisdiction, please click here.

Wait times for a visa interview at the various consulate locations are available by clicking hereere.

The consulate will also require all applicants to present a Form DS-160. This form must be filled out online before the visa interview for most consulates.  If the DS-160 form is completed online, print the receipt and bring it to the visa interview. Without the receipt for this form, the interview will likely not be able to take place as scheduled. One 2 inch by 2 inch photograph will also be required. This photograph will go on the entry visa, if it is approved.

The consular official may or may not require a personal interview.  All applicants should, however, be prepared to present proof of English language proficiency and verification of financial support to establish that all the requirements for non-immigrant status are met. Non-immigrant applicants must also be able to demonstrate that they have a residence in their home country to which they plan to return upon the completion of their stay in the United States.

When the consular official is satisfied that an applicant has met all the requirements, an entry visa will be issued.  Prospective non-immigrants from certain countries may experience delays, particularly if applying in a third world country (other than your home country), while security checks are completed.

When the visa application is approved, an entry visa stamp/page is placed in the passport, noting the period of time for which it is valid, the number of entries allowed,and the non-immigrant category. If the visa application is not approved, the consular officer should provide written explanation for the denial. If your visa application is denied, please contact International Services immediately to determine if we can assist you with reapplication!

You may now check the status of your entry visa application with the U.S Department of State here.

Specific instructions for non-immigrant categories sponsored by LSU HSC New Orleans can be found using the links below:

Entry Visa Instructions for F1/F-2 Students/Dependents

Entry Visa Instructions for J-1 Exchange Visitors/Dependents (Students and Scholars)

Entry Visa Instructions for H1B/H-4 Workers/Dependents

Entry Visa Instructions for TN/TD Workers/Dependents (Canadians citizens seeking TN/TD status are visa exempt.)